Our Mission

Bringing Simple, Professional,
On-Demand Shipping to everyone.

About Frayt Technologies

We’re Frayt, a Cincinnati-based tech start-up that has a vision to change the way the world gets things delivered. And we’re starting right here in our own backyard: the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton region.

Through the vision of our founders, we have created a simple web and smartphone app that makes shipping and delivery easier.

Frayt Is...

A Statement. Yelling at the top of your lungs. Expressing who you are to the world. Frayt is a bold voice in the overwhelming sea of business. We seek the new and ex-citing, giving ourselves meaning in the process. We are the change this industry desperately needs. Our company is set to move the industry into a new standard, one that is rooted in speed, professionalism, and simplicity. Frayt is the future, a bold new future. Let’s go!