Driver FAQ

For any more questions you may have about Driving with the best, email us at,

Take 4 pictures of the exterior of your vehicle – one from each side capturing the entire side of the vehicle in each picture. Now take a picture of the cargo area. Next take a picture of each – your driver’s license, your vehicle registration and finally your insurance ID card. To register simply apply to drive here. Now register as a driver completing the required data fields and uploading those 8 pictures. Very easy.

There are no upfront fees to download, register or to use the Frayt App.

Once you’ve completed each phase of the application process your information and documents are reviewed for accuracy.  If approved, you are sent a notice to complete a background check consent form from Turn – a third party service – to obtain your MVR (driving record) and criminal history report.  This process is completed in as little as 5 minutes but can take as long as 7 days.  Many factors affect the time of this process.

Driver Service Providers must meet the following criteria before being considered for qualification and contracting with Frayt:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have 2 full years recent experience in class of vehicle operating for Frayt.
  • Must possess a valid, in-state driver’s license for the state reside and normally operate a vehicle for Frayt.
  • Frayt will obtain and review MVR for each Driver Service Provider prior to contracting and will also obtain and review at minimum annually the MVR of each Driver Service Provider.
  • Driver Service Providers are required to report to Frayt ALL moving violations received at any time.
  • Must not have any moving violations within past three years if between the ages of 18 years old and 21 years old.
  • Must not have more than 2 moving violations in any 12-month period, or more than 3 moving violations in a 3-year period, including at-fault accidents.
  • No “major” moving violations. Major moving violations include: reckless operation, speeding in excess of 15 mph, speeding 100 mph +; street racing; failure to comply with police stop; or leaving the scene of an accident (hit and run) less than 7 years old.
  • No driving while license suspended or revoked violations.
  • Must not have any DUI or OUI violations, or any alcohol or drug violations of any type, on MVR less than 7 years old.

Every criminal background check is evaluated on an individual basis.  Frayt reserves the right to deny use of the Frayt App to anyone.

If the MVR and Criminal background reports indicate derogatory information which would make you ineligible to use the Frayt Technologies Inc platform you will receive notification in the form of a “Pre-adverse” letter prepared by Turn.  This correspondence first notifies you that information in the reports makes you ineligible for Frayt, but also informs you of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the steps you can take to rectify any incorrect information.  Copies of the reports along with contact information for the appropriate agencies are attached.  You will have 7 days to take action to correct the information.  If no action is taken a “Post-adverse” letter is emailed to inform you of final rejection.

This is now displayed on the help tab in your app.

Vehicles should be:

  • 15 years old or newer
  • Have no physical damage or defects
  • Be in safe operating condition
  • Clean
  • Less than 10,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Equipped with appropriate load securement devices
  • Properly registered and insured
  • Display required license plates

Frayt does not provide, nor authorize any Frayt signage to be on approved vehicles while using the Frayt Technologies, Inc. platform.

There is not sufficient time for you to rent a vehicle each time a Match is offered, and with the uncertainty of shipment availability it is not reasonable to rent a vehicle in advance. Should you have a rental vehicle while your Frayt approved vehicle is being repaired please notify us prior to using the rental vehicle with the Frayt platform.

Yes, you can use a long-term leased vehicle to register for Frayt. The insurance ID and vehicle registration are typically issued to the lessee (you).

Please take new pictures of the replacement vehicle (one from each side of the exterior – with the doors closed capturing the entire side of the vehicle in each picture, and 1 picture of the cargo area – total 5 vehicle pictures), a picture of the new vehicle registration and finally a picture of the new insurance ID card. You should have seven (7) pictures in all. Send the pictures to: The information will be updated for you into your Frayt profile.

At the present time there is no means for solo drivers to register more than one vehicle though they may own several vehicles. Please use only the vehicle approved by Frayt.

At the present time Fleet Owners with multiple vehicles and multiple drivers should have each driver register the vehicle they normally operate as if that driver were the vehicle owner.  Drivers should not register for the payment account. To have the pay for all Frayt matches be paid to you the fleet owner we will need to assign all your drivers to your payment account.

To use the Frayt driver pay calculator simply verify the calculator is set to the appropriate vehicle type and enter the miles of the load you wish to see pay for – it will be displayed.

  • Deadhead Pay or Empty Mile pay – if you are contacted by Frayt to assist with a Match and there are significant empty miles to the pickup your Empty mile pay will be added.
  • Tolls – Frayt does not pay tolls. Compensation for toll laden (NY Boroughs) areas are incorporated as higher pay in to your Match offer.
  • Reefer, temperature-controlled or other specialized services will be compensated accordingly in the Match offer

You should always provide customers with exceptional service. Providing exceptional service may prompt customers or the company to tip or bonus you.

Frayt does not require any Escrow account or charge any fees to use the technology platform.

No cash advances are available

Frayt Support can be reached at

All Driver Service Providers are Independent Contractors to Frayt. You may be an employee of a Fleet Owner if you operate a vehicle that is owned by a fleet owner.

Frayt Driver Service Providers (DSP) do not receive 1099-MISCs from Frayt since each DSP is being paid by the shipper through a payment processing transaction. Driver Service Providers would in-fact receive a 1099-K if they made over $20,000 in revenue or had more than 200 transactions in the year. 

When you receive a match notification please review for “Extra Services” pay for loading/unloading before you accept.

Loading – the shippers are expected to load your vehicle, however there may be times your assistance is necessary.  You will be compensated for hand loading if the shipper does not participate in the loading of your vehicle.

Unloading – you are expected to unload your vehicle and will be compensated for hand unloading.  Understand and use proper lifting techniques and use proper equipment such as a hand cart.  Palletized or large bulky items that are unloaded solely by the recipient at the recipient’s location are not compensated (example – by a fork truck).  You are not expected to “set-up” and assemble any deliveries.  You are not expected to climb stairs to deliver the product to a second floor. 

As an Independent Contractor you are responsible for any injuries you sustain or suffer while performing your work.  Check your insurances and coverages to ensure you are protected for any type of injury you could sustain – trip and fall out of your vehicle, injuries while lifting, to motor vehicle accidents and so on. You are an independent contractor and have the right, and the responsibility, to protect yourself and your business as you
see fit.

Driver Service Providers must submit a copy of their current vehicle insurance ID card as part of their Frayt registration submission. The insurance ID must show proof of Liability insurance coverage from their home state, in at least the minimum amount required by their state. The insurance ID must also show the Driver Service Provider as an insured or additional driver for the insurance policy.

You can not use the Frayt platform if your vehicle is leased to another company. There are several reasons why Frayt cannot use your vehicle if it is in a permanent (long-term) lease agreement with a Motor Carrier:
  • Most Motor Carrier Motor Vehicle Lease Agreements stipulate “exclusive use” of the leased motor vehicle by the Motor Carrier.
  • The vehicle usually has the signage of the Motor Carrier affixed to the vehicle on both sides. This signage displays the name, MC Number and US DOT number of the Motor Carrier. Law enforcement typically assigns responsibility for the Safety Performance of the operation of such a vehicle to that Motor Carrier. The Motor Carrier would most likely be responsible for accidents and be named in any lawsuits from such accidents. Frayt has a moral and ethical responsibility to protect the interests of those Motor Carriers. Motor Carriers should not have any risk exposure from their operators of leased vehicles using the Frayt Technologies Inc platform.
  • Typically, when leased to a Motor Carrier a vehicle owner-operator carries only “Non-trucking Liability” which protects the general public in very limited instances while not under the dispatch of the Motor Carrier. This type insurance does not offer coverage for operations in connection with an On-demand technology service like Frayt. See the only exception below – vans with their own primary liability insurance coverage.

If you own you own van and carry the Primary Liability insurance in your name (or in the name of a company you own) and are leased onto a Motor Carrier, and do not display the signs of any motor carrier, you are able to register to use the Frayt Technologies Inc platform. This is the only exception to vehicles leased to Motor Carriers.

The insurance coverage purchased by Frayt protects the General Public for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. It also insures the cargo. Frayt’s insurance provides no coverage to Driver Service Providers for any bodily injury they sustain nor any of their property damage. Frayt has a “No Rider Policy” meaning that at no time while using the Frayt Technologies Inc. platform are you authorized by Frayt to have riders or passengers in your vehicle. Frayt’s insurance provides no coverage whatsoever to any passenger in the vehicle.

Frayt does carry cargo insurance. Contractors may be responsible for any insurance deductibles if damaged due to negligence (did not secure load, an “At-fault accident”, left vehicle unattended, etc.).

Customers can use Frayt to transport anything legal except Hazardous Materials, explosives, firearms, munitions, and non-prescription drugs including medical marijuana. Driver Service Providers should be aware of what you are transporting. If something may be illegal or dangerous, or of high value please contact Frayt Support immediately. The limit of our Cargo Insurance is $25,000.

You should always park your vehicle in a well-lit, populated area. Park where you will be able to keep the vehicle in your sight at all times. Always lock the vehicle and set the vehicle alarm if you have one. Cover the cargo to conceal it with a blanket or similar item. Limit your stop to as short of time as possible. Be sure you do not leave your keys in the vehicle.

Frayt is an “On-Demand” technology platform which matches Driver Service Providers with customers needing something moved.  While the typical consumer may use the Frayt platform on an occasional basis, commercial shippers may use the platform on a more frequent basis and may also request services for multiple Matches in advance.  Even so, Frayt cannot speculate nor guarantee any volume of business to any Driver Service Provider.  At this time Frayt is only intending to supplement revenue to DSP’s, not be a primary source of revenue.

Being available and having few limitations on your Match acceptance will result in increased revenue.

The beauty of being an independent contractor is that you determine when, what, why and how you work. You can work for other companies. Frayt is intending to only supplement or be a part of the total revenue you produce. You can accept or decline any Match offer from Frayt. You determine when you are available and when you are not.

Never allow another person to drive your vehicle, or their vehicle to complete a Match you were awarded through Frayt. We have an obligation to conduct background checks and approve drivers and their vehicles prior to them using the Frayt Technologies Inc, platform.

You should equip your vehicle with devices that are used to properly secure cargo in your type of vehicle.  You may also already have very specialized equipment in your vehicle that may expand opportunities to you that others cannot accommodate.  Suggestions for cargo securement include:

  • E-trac, E-trac straps and load lock bars if operating a cargo type van
  • Moving blankets
  • Expandable nylon straps
  • Bungee cords
  • Packaging tape
  • Wheeled dolly
  • Pallet jack

It is the responsibility of every Frayt Driver Service Provider to secure each load to protect it from damage and movement – even in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

The Frayt Technologies Inc platform requires only the use of your existing smart phone.

You are required to make immediate communication with Frayt for:

  • Issues with Matches (loads)
  • Cargo damage reporting
  • Incidents where you damaged customer property other than cargo
  • Any Accident
  • Incident where a customer damaged your vehicle
  • Special customer requests
  • If you receive a moving violation (while driving using Frayt or not)
  • Expiration of driver’s license, vehicle registration or your motor vehicle insurance.
  • If your driver’s license is suspended or revoked.

See “How do I contact Frayt Support?” above for methods of contacting Frayt

Driver Service Providers must report all accidents and incidents.  It is very important to read and understand accident and incident procedures now prior to any occurrence that may happen.

  • Move the vehicle to a safe area (if you can)
  • Stop your vehicle
  • Turn on hazard flasher lights
  • Shift into park, turn off the engine and set the emergency brake
  • Call 911
  • Check to make sure it’s safe to get out of your car before opening the door
  • Set out emergency warning devices if available such as flares or triangles to prevent other accidents
  • Check on other parties involved
  • Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than the investigating police officer or DOT representatives, and then only after these persons have identified themselves.
  • Avoid admitting fault or blaming others while at the scene. Let the police objectively judge events and determine fault.
  • Obtain the Accident Report from police, or at least the information necessary to obtain the report once completed. Many responding agencies use small business cards with information and case numbers to obtain reports which cannot be produced at the accident scene.
  • If the police can’t make it to the scene (which is more likely if there are no injuries), you must file an accident report through your state’s DMV.
  • Gather info – write down the following information on the provided accident report or even blank paper:
    • Driver(s) names and names of all passengers
    • License plate numbers
    • Insurance info
    • Year, makes and models of all vehicles involved
    • Contact info for any eyewitnesses
    • Exact Location of the accident
    • The name and badge number of any responding police officers and the name of the specific department or municipality they work for.
  • Document the accident scene by using your phone or an accident camera to photograph all vehicles involved from all 4 sides. Photograph other items which help document the scene such as nearby traffic control devices (stop signs, stop lights, mile markers), the environment (wet pavement, snow, lighting conditions, fog); any skid marks; and perhaps license plates of witness vehicles.
  • Should your accident be very severe do not hesitate to call your insurance company immediately and ask that they send a claims representative to the scene to assist you.
  • Contact Frayt and notify our staff of the accident.
  • Secure your equipment and cargo to protect it from further damage or theft.
  • Call your insurance company and begin filing your insurance claim.
  • A small First-aid and/or safety kit.
  • Keep important documents in a convenient place in your vehicle: insurance ID card, insurance company contact information, your emergency contact numbers, vehicle registration, medical insurance provider information, a Frayt accident reporting form and a disposable camera if your cell phone is not capable of taking pictures.
  • Have your cell phone in your vehicle and charged.
  • Keep loose items in the cab of the vehicle and secure all items carried in the cargo compartment.
  • Carry emergency warning devices such as triangles or flares in your vehicle.
  • Carry a small disposable fire extinguisher in your vehicle.
  • Drivers Guide – a Guide to assist Driver Service Providers understand the Frayt App when completing a Match is located at:
  • Company-wide email notifications. Please read all communications from Frayt.
  • Newsletters, Blogs and upcoming Educational modules which will be posted to the Frayt website.
  • The Frayt Technologies Inc. Facebook page.
  • Professional image – maintain a professional image through your attire, speech and vehicle. Dress professionally – no shorts, flip flops, sandals or tee shirts with inappropriate printing.  Clean clothes.  Keep your vehicle clean and maintained.
  • Customer service – assist customers and offer exceptional service. Thank the customer for their business. 
  • Speech – Do not discuss with customers or other drivers your issues with involving compensation or complaints.

DASH matches are requested by a shipper for immediate pickup and delivery.  If you accept a DASH you should arrive at the shipper’s door within 30 to 45 minutes.  If you accept a DASH and cannot make it to the shipper within an hour’s time, please contact Frayt within 10 minutes of acceptance, or as soon as humanly possible, and we will contact the shipper. If you accept a DASH match accidentally and need to cancel off the match you should do so within 5 minutes of acceptance. 

SAME DAY matches may instruct you to call the shipper, per their request, to arrange a pickup time.  You will arrive at the shipper to pick up the product at the agreed upon time, and then drive straight to the delivery.  Please notify Frayt with your agreed upon pickup time as soon as possible.  If you accept a SAME DAY match accidentally and need to cancel off the match you should do so within 10 minutes of acceptance.

Failure to notify Frayt of any issues will result in a negative remark in your profile.  3 or more negative remarks will result in suspension.  5 or more negative remarks will result in removal from the platform.

  • Acceptance Percentage – An “Acceptance Percentage” is based on the number of orders a driver accepts and does not cancel. The higher the acceptance rate, the larger the expected income will be for the driver. A high percentage rate of acceptance demonstrates your commitment to the Frayt customer service process.
  • Cancellation Percentage – The “Cancellation Percentage” is based on how many times a driver accepts a Match, and then cancels after acceptance. 5% cancellation rate is the highest percentage Frayt allows. Exceeding 5% will lead to immediate deactivation.
  • Delivery Delays – Service Level Agreement (SLA) is extremely important to maintain high-quality service. Drivers are expected to deliver promptly and always within the expected time of delivery that the app advises. A Driver with two (2) delays over a period of 30 days are subject to deactivation.
  • Fraud – Driver will be permanently deactivated, and local police notified if found to be part of a fraudulent activity. This includes, but is not limited to falsified deliveries, claiming full delivery without picking up the item, picking up items but not delivering them, as well as soliciting customers outside the Frayt app with fraudulent fees, charges, and tips.