Shipping FAQ

For any more questions you may have about shipping with the best, email us at,

Frayt is a software platform service, powered by the latest cloud technologies, giving you access from both your desktop and smartphone. Our service matches people who want to have things shipped & delivered with professionals who can pick up those shipments and make those deliveries. We call those matches Frayt Matches.

Frayt offers information and a Platform to facilitate arrangement of Pick-up, Carry, and Delivery Services, but does not, and does not intend to, provide Transportation Services or act in any way as  a Transportation Carrier or a Moving or Hauling of Freight Carrier. We have no responsibility or liability for any Pick-up, Carry, or Delivery Services provided to you through the service.

Each delivery is unique based upon the mileage and the time it takes to deliver. You will be given an estimated cost based upon the mileage distance before you post your goods for a Frayt Match.

Your payment for using Frayt’s service is collected from the credit card you used when signing up for the service.

You are charged for the service once your delivery has been confirmed.

Frayt offers door to door services using contracted Driver Service Providers committed to accomplishing the requirements of your shipments.

If you cancel your Frayt Match right away, there is no charge. But if you cancel your Frayt Match more than five minutes after the Match has been accepted by a driver, you will be charged a $25.00 cancelation fee.

Yes, you can tip the driver. But this will have to be done with cash as our app currently does not accept tips.

Frayt’s service is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However most deliveries will more than likely be handled during normal business hours.

You can ship just about anything as long as it’s not illegal, an animal, paints or chemicals, bio-hazardous or hazardous materials, firearms, ammunition, or any kind of explosives.

Drivers using the Frayt service currently mostly drive in Sprinter and Cargo vans. These vans have a three skid maximum capacity.

Frayt’s service is on-demand. In most cases, it should be within minutes of you submitting your goods for a Frayt Match.

Frayt’s service is on-demand. The time it takes for a delivery to happen, however, depends mainly on traffic conditions. The app will give you an estimation based upon current traffic conditions.

Today, we are primarily operating in these cities:

  • Cincinnati
  • Dayton
  • Toledo
  • Detroit
  • Fort Wayne
  • Indianapolis
  • Lexington
  • Louisville

If you’d like us to be available in your area, leave us a message and we’ll keep track of the growing demand.

Frayt is not a Transportation Carrier or a Moving or Hauling of Freight Carrier. It is up to customers and delivery professionals to offer and provide the Pick-up, Carry, and Delivery Services that may be scheduled through the use of the service.