FRAYT: a distribution center’s best friend.

FRAYT is the ideal distribution center support solution, helping you move inventory from warehouse to store. Hire professional pickup truck, cargo van and box-truck delivery drivers at a moment’s notice with the FRAYT app and complete orders large or small picked up in 59 minutes or less.


With FRAYT, you know the cost before each shipment and can track packages as they are in transit and delivered.  


No need to pay fixed costs for a fleet – only pay us when you use us.


With owning a fleet you are pigeonholed into your vehicle types and capacity. With FRAYT you can scale up or down depending on what you need and when.

SLA & Compliance

FRAYT prides itself on trust and safety

FRAYT knows that shipping is a serious business. The items you ship are important, and we want to ensure that everything you ship gets to where it needs to be safely. That’s why we thoroughly check and watch every driver we have on the road. You can trust that your driver is the best in the business and will take care of your shipment efficiently and safely.

FRAYT performs extensive background checks, then double and triple check everything to ensure we only hire the best driver service providers out there. We have dedicated employees tasked with screening and reviewing all drivers who apply for our platform. You as the shipper can be rest assured that your shipment will be handled with care by the best of the best.

Strict vehicle requirements

At FRAYT, we have strict rules on what vehicles are allowed. We make sure only the best vehicles are on the road getting your shipment/delivery completed. This includes quality of vehicles, year, make, and model. Everything.

Driver requirements

We not only require the vehicles to be up to snuff, we require our drivers to be as well. Along with an age requirement, we make sure our driver service providers have a valid license, a clean record, and present themselves well.

Background checks

We do an extensive background check on all applicants before they become a driver for FRAYT. We individually and personally review each applicant, ensuring that we hire the best of the best.

On-call dispatch providers

We have people watching like hawks over all drivers on the road. We make sure everyone is doing what they need and that your shipment is taken care of.

Frayt Enterprise

Our technology

Our browser / mobile app makes it easy to ship within seconds. Real time tracking (both parties), instant quote before you ship. However, if you’re not into that, you can always just call it in at 1-888-GO-FRAYT.

Frayt API

Automate your logistics

Orders can be placed automatically with our enterprise API and we’ll return instant status updates fed directly back to your system. You’ll save time from having to put orders in manually, and give you the ability to scale your operation infinitely.

Frayt API

Trusted by top companies

Tile Shop
Sherwin Williams

Where Can We Serve You?

We have thousands of drivers nationwide, and open new markets in a matter of days.

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