Local Pickup and Delivery

Local pickup and delivery is made easy with Frayt’s on demand delivery app.

Shopping is hard enough as is, especially when you buy an item that is too big to fit in your car. Trying to coordinate how to get it home can be a frustrating process that may take days to work out.

With Frayt’s on-demand delivery app you have the ability to make those big deliveries all in the same day. So buy that grill, TV, or couch, and don’t worry about how you’ll get it home. Get a free quote today!

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How Frayt Helps with Local Pickup and Delivery.

Frayt makes all this simple by providing a quality, background checked driver to your location. Ranging from a car to a large cargo van, we can take whatever you need, to wherever you need it delivered. Frayt’s on-demand local pickup and delivery is fast, efficient, and reliable.