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The days of dispatch and scheduling for delivery are going the way of the typewriter.

Frayt introduces on-demand shipping and delivery via our smartphone app and website.

Our service is made up of the latest peer-to-peer delivery technology combined with access to the largest networked fleet in North America.

What can I ship?

You can ship anything from an envelope up to 3 pallets that are up to 3000 lbs.
[Cargo area up to: 180″x69″x75″]

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The Frayt Edge

Frayt improves shipping as we know it. Frayt helps with last-minute shipping for those time when you cant wait a week to get for that washer and dryer. We help you get what you need when you need it. We provide you with the door-to-door service you need. Ship to anywhere you need, anytime. Frayt lets you get everything the same day or you can schedule a time for you shipment to take place. Dont waste time with getting a shipment a week from when you order. Get when you need.

Frayt also helps you with your retail and ecommerce business. Stop wasting time and money and ship with Frayt today. We help brick and mortars compete with big comapnies like Amazon, allowing you to ship the same day just like your competitors. We help you to save you money by minimizing your assets and taking care of everything for you.

Frayt strives to help you with your shipping needs. We want to change how shipping is done in the world. Download our app. sign up, and start shipping today to help chnge the world of shipping forever.

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