Small Business Shipping

Growing your business is easier than ever before with Frayt, an easy to use local, same day delivery service.

Small businesses can ship whatever they need, whenever they need, easier with Frayt. Frayt allows Small businesses to deliver their goods with an easy to use local delivery service.

Our free to use app makes shipping anything you need quick and easy. Frayt will save you up to 70% on your deliveries when compared to our competitors. Download today!

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How Frayt Help with Small Business Shipping

Say goodbye to the hassles and say hello to Frayt. Growing a business can be a challenge and Frayt understands that. With a growing market, being able to get your product where it needs to be can be difficult. Frayt is the answer to your problem. Frayt offers fast, local, same day delivery for your business. Deliver faster and save time that you can spend focusing on your business. Deliver today with Frayt!