A Driver’s Guide to Frayt

How to use the app

Once you are registered and approved, this is what you’ll see when you login to the app.

Opening up the app will update your location with us. You will only be offered Matches in the vicinity of where your last location update was. As an example, what if you you took a Match from Cincinnati to Louisville and then returned to Cincinnati? If you did not update your location when arriving back in your home area then you would no longer get notifications for the Cincinnati area.

There is no need to mark or tell us when you are available in the app, you’ll always get all offers that fit your vehicle size. You are never forced to accept Matches – it’s always up to you.

Accepting a Match

The Frayt App alerts you that a possible “match” is available.  You look at the App, review the match information, such as pick up location, delivery location, times of pickup and delivery, loaded miles and pay. Any information that is blue you can tap for additional information, such as clicking the Pieces count to see a photo (if available).

You decide to accept the match.

You were quick to accept the match and it is awarded to you. 

After accepting the match, and it is awarded on the Frayt App you will see the following screen on your phone:

If you tap the “Navigate” button you will be taken to Google Maps for turn-by-turn directions. Make sure to note the requested pickup time. If it has no specific time it will say ASAP, and you should go pick it up immediately.

Please notify the shipper if you are going to be late for the pickup. You can contact the shipper or recipient directly by scrolling down to inform them you are delayed or any other problems you may encounter. You can always reach out to Frayt by clicking the menu icon in the top right and tapping “Contact”. It is good practice to notify Frayt of any unusual circumstances as well.

Picking Up

When you arrive at the pickup location, tap the “I’m Here” button. Then you should seek out the person who ordered the match if an individual, or if at a business seek out the Shipping Department. The shipper can be contacted by scrolling down to find the Shipper information panel.

Inform the responsible individual that you are “Your Name” and you are with Frayt and are here to assist with their match.  Sincerely thank the person for their business and assist within reason to get the package loaded into your vehicle.

Inspect the package for any potential damage. Note the damage through the Frayt app immediately.

Secure the load in your vehicle using load securement devices.  You surely don’t want to be injured, or have the freight become damaged, through any movement.

Use the Frayt app to document you are loaded and leaving the pickup. Upload the Bill of Lading of it is provided.

Use the Frayt app to immediately document any delays or possible issues you encounter while transporting the match. Have a safe trip.

Do NOT leave your vehicle unattended, unlocked, or parked out of your sight at any time throughout your trip.  Should you need to park overnight with a load to rest, be sure to park in a well-lit and secure area – and secure your vehicle. 

Should you be involved in an accident during your trip, please notify Frayt immediately using the App or by calling: 513-698-8091


Once the pickup is confirmed, you’ll be taken to a similar page with information on delivery. Note the dropoff time. If the time is going to a problem, reach out to the shipper and Frayt so that we are aware of the issue. Always report any problems as soon as possible.

Upon arriving at the delivery point, repeat the steps from the pickup by finding the appropriate person to accept your delivery.

Remove the securement devices you used to secure the load.

The Match is removed from your vehicle.

Obtain the name and signature of the person who took control or received the match.

Using the Frayt App enter the name of the person.

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Thank you Driver Service Providers for all you do!